Saturday, 3 March 2012

Riverwood Trader Money Glitch:

Level 70 Speech- This is to buy the investment perk.

Haggling-available at level(s) 0,20,40,60,80 Speech- just means more profit for your sold items (+20% per perk level)

Merchant-Level 50 Speech- Lets you sell any item to any merchant ( It won't let you sell stolen items though)

Fence-Level 90 Speech- Lets you sell stolen goods (only to the merchant that you invested in)

Master Trader-Level 100 Speech- This adds 1,000 gold to the merchants money supply.(Lucan then has 12,500 money in his store)

  1. Fast Travel to Riverwood
  2. Enter the Store "Riverwood Trader"
  3. Talk to Lucan Valerius
  4. Select the "Can I invest in your shop" (or something like that)
Now Lucan will have 11,500 or 12,500 if you have the "Master Trader" perk.
(His money will restock every 48 hours)

This only works with an unpatched system.
This only works with "Riverwood Trader" merchant.

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